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We provide a full range of cleaning and hygiene services that cover just about any commercial cleaning situation.

We totally understand how important it is to have a commercial cleaning service you can trust and who will keep your working environment clean and tidy.

We only employ skills and full trained cleaners in order to meet the high standards you require. Whether your premises require cleaning early in the morning or late at night, our 7 days a week service will be flexible enough for your needs.

  • Office Cleaning
  • Factory Cleaning
  • After Event Cleaning
  • Retail Stores
  • Schools & Colleges
  • Day Nurseries
  • Medical Centres



The office cleaning services we offer embrace all aspects of office cleanliness and hygiene. We carry out basic daily through to periodical cleaning and carpet care.

It is important that your staff are operating in a clean and safe environment. We specialise in providing this environment using a series of tried and trusted formulas coupled with the latest in modern techniques and cleaning agents.

With office equipment becoming more technical and expensive over the years, all our staff are trained in the care and delicate handling of your computer, technical and communication systems.

Attention to detail and by adhering to the tasks in hand, our approach to office cleaning is is pivotal to the way we clean and the way we manage and supervise each individual contract.

We offer a wide range of office cleaning services:


The importance of Hotel cleanliness is one of the most vital aspects of your facility and can enhance your reputation. We take every care to ensure that this element of your business portrays the right impact in every way to help you stand out from the crowd.

First impressions in this market sector are one of the most important and we ensure that the first impression is of quality and cleanliness. The standard of a Hotels facilities go hand in hand with the services we offer.

Each room is meticulously cleaned, tidied and sanitised to the high standards your clients will demand. This extends to the reception and public areas of your facility including restaurant, kitchen and food preparation areas.

Other key areas can include Gym, Sauna and other recreational rooms such as bars and entertainment suites.


When cleaning areas involving food and drink preparation, the quality of the clean must be not only visual, but right down to the highest level of bacterial and sanitisation. Your clients eat with eyes first and foremost so the environment should reflect the standards you set with an unrivalled attention to detail and quality.

Our experienced staff use the very latest materials and techniques to ensure that the areas where bacteria can build up are treated in an appropriate way. Working in harmony with your requirements we can advise on all aspects of the clean and recommend a routine that facilitates your needs and adheres to your budget.

Sanitising is not a substitute for cleaning, it reinforces and extends the benefits of regular cleaning and where food and drink are involved it is crucial that a comprehensive cleaning regime is maintained


The cleaning of our schools and colleges is of vital importance and often overlooked. One of the fundamental criteria for a successful teaching and learning environment is the cleanliness of the school or college.

Children and pupils are constantly exposed to a variety of viruses and illnesses and the spread of infection can be radically reduced when the class room and facilities are cleaned to a high and safe standard.

Our objective is to provide responsive and flexible services to meet the individual needs of our customers and to continually improve the standards of products and services.

No area is overlooked including kitchen, food preparation areas, corridors, changing facilities as well as the classrooms, halls and gym.


Your toilet facilites, washroom and bathrooms are one of the most important areas to keep clean on a visual and bacterial level. Regular cleaning using the correct methods and materials is paramount to the health of your staff and guests.

Are germs making your customers and staff ill? That nasty smell in your washroom could be the start and spread of germs growing. This can lead to the spread of disease in the workplace, staff absence through illness and the knock-on effect this can have on your production levels.

Regular care and attention to these areas will dramatically reduce the risk and spread of disease. We know how important this is to you, so subsequently it is of vital importance to us.

No area is overlooked and a complete cleaning and maintenance schedule is crucial. This includes the repacement of toiletry consumables, soaps and the replacement of hand towels and sundries.